3 Steps to Set a Winning Solar Appointment

Step 1: Ready Your Electric Bill.

Your home consumes electricity different than your neighbors. To know what kind of solar power system your home needs you’ll need a current electric bill with some historical usage on it. Not historical dollar amounts, historical kilowatt usage.

If you get paper bills, set your appointment when you have a recent one. If you get an electronic bill have it saved and ready to pull up or just print it out.

Bills are different from company to company but here’s an example of what info you’ll need to show.

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Step 2: Inspect all the Practical Stuff.

Roof, trees, and breaker box.

I’ll start with the less obvious breaker box. With out any technical explanation, your breaker box will need to be solar ready. The main breaker switch needs to read 150 amps or more and have at least two empty slots or more in some cases. Here are pictures to help you out. 

Let’s address your roof. If your roof needs repaired or replaced don’t worry. It’s an easy problem to solve. Ask your solar company what roofing company they work since its best to work with roofers familiar with solar. We use US Roofing.

You can usually get the roof work done and solar installed with in a couple of weeks of each other. This way you won’t have projects hanging over your head, literally!

Tree trimming. Shade isn’t good for solar panels. If trees cast shadows on your roof where the panels will go the trees need to be trimmed before switchg the system on. In some cases there are green energy programs that will cover it for you!

Step 3: Set that Appointment.

Text 813-303-0320 or email gosolar@joinussolar.com to get the conversation started.

How long does it take? Allow between 1 to 2 hours for your appointment on a day where you won’t feel rushed. Going solar is simple and there’s a lot of new information to go over. Write down your questions for the specialist before they get there.

Questions. While they’re going over things they will probably answer most of them and raise a few more. Write down both the answers and the new questions that come up. Don’t forget to ask your questions.

Solar either works for your home or not. It’s that simple. It is either a benefit to you or its not. Treat this time more like an interview or assessment of the home and your electrical consumption.