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What Would You Do With An Extra $1400?

That’s the amount of money you’ll save on average each year according to Just a few years back solar panels were space age technology. Now they sound a lot more like common sense.

There are a lot of reasons to switch to solar. It doesn’t matter to us why you do it. We’re just here to be the best at doing it ​for you​.

Message From Our Founder

Being a Florida native it has been a passion of mine to have a positive impact on the state of Florida. When I thought of how I could do this in the biggest way I thought it would be to save homeowners money, and give them more freedom. After working in California with a solar company it was my goal to bring solar to Florida that would save homeowners money, give them freedom, and provide clean energy. I’m excited to announce that the time has come, and solar will be available to homeowners that makes financial sense.

– Seann Gates